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Pet Grooming

You may think that grooming is all about beauty and relaxation. But grooming your dog is far more important than you might think! At Animal Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, we believe that grooming can be your pet’s first line of defense to fight off and detect skin conditions, rashes, fleas and ticks, and other parasites, all while improving your pet’s coat quality and well-being!

The Importance of Grooming

The grooming professionals at AMC are trained to search for abnormalities and signs that may be of concern to our veterinarians. Regular grooming sessions allow our grooming professionals to bring these abnormalities to the attention of our veterinarians, always keeping us one step ahead of illness and skin conditions, and keeping your pet safe and healthy.

Grooming sessions are great for the hygiene of your pet, as it improves their skin, coat, and removes all dead skin cells which stops their natural production of skin oils. And of course, your pet enjoys the love and pampering they receive from our grooming professionals.

Grooming sessions at Animal Medical Center in Tuscaloosa include the following:

For more information about our grooming services, or to schedule an appointment with one of our grooming professionals, please call us at 205-758-7295.

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