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1100 Rice Valley Rd. North,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

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Mon.- Fri: 7am - 6:30pm
Sat: 8am - 12pm (Walk-ins Welcome)
Sun: (Drop off and pick-up only) 4pm - 5pm

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Doggy Daycare in Tuscaloosa & Northport AL

Club Mutts Doggy Daycare

Your dog will love Club Mutts Doggy Day Care! Our (tropical) Doggy Day Care Resort in Tuscaloosa (near Northport), next to our animal hospital, offers a variety of activities that will keep your dog happy and comfortable! Whether you’re leaving your dog while you go to work, or just need some time to run a few errands, your dog can enjoy some downtime with a dip in the pool or a fun run with his or her friends.

Club Mutts activities include:

Special Discounts Available for Dog Boarding!

When boarding for 5 days: bath is ½ off
When boarding for 7 days: bath is complimentary

Club Mutts Official Registration Form!

Download the Club Mutts registration form here!

Club Mutts is THE place for Dogs to Be in Tuscaloosa and Northport!

Call today to book your pet’s reservation at Club Mutts, the new Doggy Daycare Resort in Tuscaloosa!