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1100 Rice Valley Rd. North,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

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Mon.- Fri: 7am - 6:30pm
Sat: 8am - 12pm (Walk-ins Welcome)
Sun: (Drop off and pick-up only) 4pm - 5pm

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Veda is a very bad, but very sweet Weimaraner. We love her even though she eats our Christmas presents! ;)
This is Sophia- my husband found her while out on a call for TPD, she was cold and abandoned and didn't even have her eyes open. He put her in his lunch box and she got a ride home in the police car that night! We brought her in to Canant the next day where she made a fast BFF with Derrick, he gave her her very first toy mouse and you all helped us nurse her to health and taught us how to be h
Izzy playing at club mutts. She loves tennis balls and it sure makes your vacation more enjoyable when you can see your fur baby is being well taken care of and played with.
Peppy is our precious rescue!
This is Gracie, she is a 2 year old, full blooded German Shepherd who has the sweetest personality a dog could have! She loves her owner :)
Just another day at club mutts
Cami Beckman2014-12-05
Full Name: Cami O'Flage Beckman. I adopted Cami from the ASPCA in Brandon, Florida when she was 4 months old. She will be turning 12 in January 2015. She has been my best friend all these years, and I look forward to many many many more years with her. Animal Medical Center takes care of her summer shaves and any other medical problems that she encounters. We are lucky to have A.M.C. clos